The Film’s Delay, in Numbers (It’s Still Coming!)

Dear backers,

A big thank you to everyone for your patience leading up to the completion of Love Notes to Newton.

It is still in progress, the film will be done as soon as I can make it. Right now I have a fairly good beginning, a fairly good end, but the stuff in the middle could be edited much better, and I’m currently combing through the footage to make it so.

Just to give you an idea of some of the numbers I’m working with:

  • I have 44 interviews altogether
  • I have 43 hours and 59 minutes of interview footage (not including b-roll)
  • Out of the 44 interviews,
    • 28 were done by me on location,
    • 3 are self-submissions
    • 6 are Skype or FaceTime interviews,
    • 7 were hired out to other videographers to save money and time

I am really excited about the quality of footage and I want to make sure I take my time and do it justice. Like most people in the Newton community, having a job and a mortgage sometimes delays passion-projects, but they get done. I’ll update you with an E.T.A. as soon as I get closer to a polished product, but I’m shooting for May, with a few test viewings before that to identify any problems or errors.

For fun, I’ve attached some images from Walter Smith’s collection of the “original” Newton from May, 1988 (note the 8-10-inch screen, like a bulky version of the latest iPad). By this starting point, the Newton will actually be thirty years old in May of this year. Crazy, right?



Keep the green,


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