Delayed release, but still on it’s way!

Hi everyone!

It has been my pleasure to be funded by such amazing people to make this project. The film is well underway in post-production, and there are a few amazing scenes on my timeline, but there is also a lot of chaos which hasn’t been sorted out yet.

Originally I had hoped to release the film tomorrow, marking and important important day in history of the Newton. Although I have made a lot of progress,  I don’t want to release a half finished project. We all remember what happened to the Newton–or maybe we don’t!–The Newton included some really wonderful breakthrough technology, which was not quite ready upon release, and didn’t quite deliver on the promise. Subsequently it became much better, but in my case I would like to try and get it right with version 1.0.

I appreciate your patience, some of the reasons for the delay are:

  • I have had to balance my time between this passion project and paid work (I’m sure you can relate),
  • The scope of this film grew far beyond what I had foreseen, as a result I have many, many hours of interviews to deal with (this is a really good thing!),
  • I want this to be a real, quality film which is polished and enjoyable to watch. Even if you want to share it with someone who knows nothing about the Newt.

The thing that I am most sad about is that I won’t be able to honor the memory of the Newton on the day that it was canceled. However, I know that when you do see the film, it will be worth the wait. In the meantime, today marks the 20th anniversary of the Newton’s cancellation, but not death. My Newton is still functioning, and if you have one, I would encourage you to commemorate the day by dusting it off and having a healthy dose of nostalgia.

Thanks for your patience, keep the green,


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