About the Film

Love Notes to Newton is a film about a beloved (but short-lived) Personal Digital Assistant created by Apple Computer has meant for the people who created it, and the fans who adore it.

Newton was the first mass-produced touchscreen handheld computer made by Apple. It only lasted a few years on the market (1993 to 1998), but that wasn’t because it sucked! A large community of people still love Newton, and this film is an homage to the little device(s) by the people who still remember and even still use one.

“It is three in the morning, and I have to rise in 3 hours to go to work. I should have been sleeping for hours. But I couldn’t stop watching. This film is fantastic.”

-Frank Gruendel, Newton User

This film is a love letter to our little green friend, the people who created it, and the community who adore it.

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Cult of Mac,
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With over 40 worldwide interviews, appearances include Steve Capps (responsible for much of the software design of the Apple Lisa, Macintosh and Newton), John Sculley (former CEO of Apple Computer), as well as the quirky and unique fans of the platform.  There are touching moments, too.

“I’m addicted to your movie!”

-Mike Potter, coordinator MacStock conference and festival