Interviewees (so far)

Love Notes to Newton is a film about Newton, but it’s really a film about people. Here are some of the amazing people who have participated so far.

Steve Capps, programmer of much of the Newton UI (as well as Mac OS and Lisa).


Wally Cherwinski, Apple Fan, Ottawa Canada.

Sir iZaac, Newton fan extraordinaire and former member of Stanford Newton Users Group.

Anna Cipollone



Sandy Benett, COO at Newton, Inc. before it was absorbed back into Apple under Steve Jobs.

Larry Yaeger, creator of the Newton’s Printed handwriting recognizer, “Rosetta” (or is it “Mondello”?).

Tao Flaherty

James Joaquin, Developer Relations at Apple during the Newton project, marketing guru and Venture Capitalist.

Harry McKracken, Technologist and former editor at PC World.

B Dudney, Newton fan and former avid user.

Andrei Chichak, Engineer and hardware developer for Newton.

Adam Tow, Newton developer and organizer of the Apple Campus protest when Newton was cancelled.

Eckhart Koppen, Tampere, Finland, creator of many pieces of Newton software, most notably the Year 2010 fix (and maybe one day the Year 2026 fix!)

Tony Kahn, Christchurch New Zealand, author of

Cédrick Sartout and Sylvain Pilet, Newton enthusiasts

Walter Smith, developer of NewtonScript

Pawel Piotrowski,

  1. Mark Rushton

    As they say here in Mexico, “Muy cool, man!” 😉 Kudos Noah – looking forward to the finished product!

    1. Noah

      Thanks! Are you interested in participating?

  2. Paul Filmer

    February 27, 2018 condolences! Very glad you have been able to carry out this project…

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