Love Notes to Newton

3rd Party Interviews

I was fortunate enough to have Logan of conduct an interview with Tony Kan in Christchurch recently, and Tuomas of in Finland conduct an interview with Eckhart Koppen of (author of the completely essential year 2010 patch). I will try and find others who can help me with

interviews. If you are interested in participating in the film, please don’t be modest (you can only make the film better by participating!) we will find a videographer to make it happen.


Love Notes to Newton


Simon Bell was creative enough to volunteer to shoot his own interview with his wife, who was a TV producer, using an iPhone. Initial tests have been really great, and with good lighting, a steady camera, reasonably good composition and good audio, it’s really hard to see that the video was shot using a lowly iPhone. Self-interviews can be submitted here, all that I ask is that you record good audio (since sound is half the picture, to quote Steven Spielberg), perhaps using a mic similar to this one. If you need financial help to get a hold of one of these mics or a similar one, let me know. It’s much cheaper than flying, and mailing one with return postage to you is probably not worth the time, money and effort! Contact me if you are interested and I will come up with some questions you can answer, or answer any questions you may have.


Love Notes to Newton

The Undiscovered Country

“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants” – Isaac Newton

One thing I didn’t anticipate was how willing some of the original development
team of Newton and Newton OS would be to sit down and talk with me. As a result, half of the film is actually going to contain quite a lot of the history and philosophy of the Newt. I have uncovered a lot that was news to me (though not necessarily to anyone well-versed in Newton lore), for example, the Newton was originally meant to be a large slate-type device which would have a lot of advanced technology (and even a subwoofer) and cost $6000-8000 (in ’90s money!). That makes the iPhone X look like a steal. However, I don’t want to forget the original purpose of the film: to celebrate what came after the demise of the Newton team at Apple and the people involved today…

Love Notes to Newton

Trip to Dusseldorf, Germany, and Paris, France

On September 25th I’m departing for a whirlwind trip to Dusseldorf to meet certain well-known active community members there, then heading to Paris for the 28 and 29tth for the same reason. If anyone is in those areas and willing to meet up with me, let me know. I’ll also be heading back to the Bay Area on October 23rd until the 29th, and spending the 30th in Seattle. Not exactly a vacation, this is all the time I could afford. I also have connections in Vancouver and possibly Phoenix, and will be spending time in Calgary and New York very soon.