Newton was the name of a series of handheld computers created by Apple in the ’90s. Not many people understood it back then, but the people who did have never lost the vision of a better way of computing.

Back in 2009, the iPhone was becoming popular, the iPad was about to be released, and I worried that the Newton might be forgotten, along with the community that loved it:

It took until 2017 until I was in a position where I ran my own production company, that I thought I could do it justice. I shot a couple of interviews, and then began a crowdfunding effort which changed my life. We raised just under $7000 USD to create a film about our little green friend, the Newton.

The project quickly snowballed from a fan film to an international documentary spanning continents. It turns out that even as people are forced to move on to other devices, the Newton will always occupy a special place in the hearts of people who used it, and current machines would benefit from some of its revolutionary ideas, some of which still aren’t matched today.

For example:

  • The idea of a virtual assistant,
  • handwriting recognition,
  • and an operating system which was open and allowed apps to work together.

Newton was no toy, but it was a joy to use. Users felt like they were holding a piece of a future in your hand. Alas, just as it was coming of age, it was cancelled by Apple, but the inspiration lives on in the people who created it, and the people who still enjoy it.

This film is a love letter to our little green friend, or rather a series of love notes to the device, the people who created it, and the community which adores it.

Long live Newton.



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