Contribute Content

Our goal with this film is to make something that truly shows the diversity of the newton community. I can’t guarantee I’ll use all your submission, but I will do my best to include the best bits, and credit you where appropriate!

By uploading a video, you agree that Moosefuel Media has the right to use any and all content for the purpose of creating the film “Love Notes to Newton” (don’t worry, we’ll do so in a tasteful and creative manner) and you relinquish all rights to the footage, except that you will receive a digital copy of the complete film, and be listed in te credits. Please include your name in the filename of any files you upload so I can properly credit you. Eg:


If you need suggestions about what to talk about, click here. Submissions don’t have to be professional, but they should be:

  • Well-lit.
  • Have good sound.
  • Show and tell anything. 

Your video is essential to the success of the film, but don’t stress! The point is to have fun and create something enjoyable to watch for everyone.

Submissions close on January 18th, 2018.