Love Notes to Newton

Original Artwork for Indiegogo Tees by Frank Orlando

Our campaign ran on the backs of these shirts by illustrator and creative director Frank Orlando. We will still be selling them! Stay tuned for an updated purchase page. From the original description:

$25 USD + Shipping – Retro ❤️ Newt T-Shirt
Choose your Newton and show off your retro roots with this stylish tee with vintage flare. This 100% Cotton preshrunk shirt is double-stitched. It’s vintage but stylish. Created with love by illustrator (and Newton fan) Frank Orlando of . Black-on-green or white-on-purple.

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Love Notes to Newton

Video Submission Guidelines

A few people have asked me to clarify what kind of videos I would like people to submit for the film.  Although I am happy with any kind of interesting content, here are the questions that I would ask you if I was there interviewing you myself.  This can serve as a guide, especially if like me you need guidelines to know where to start. If doing an interview, some questions you might start with:

  •  Tell me a little bit about who you are, where you’re from, what you do and what your interests are.
  •  When and where did you first find out about Newton?
  •  What do you think was so special about Newton?
  •  How have you been involved with the Newton community?
  •  Show me your Newt(s), and tell me about it(them)!
  •  How did you feel when Apple cancelled Newton?
  •  What’s next for Newton?
  •  What else do you think it’s important for people to know about Newton?

Or you could shoot a video of your Newton in interesting places, much like the “Who is Newton” commercial. 

Of course, everybody is different, which is what is so exciting about this project! If you have any ideas about other questions I should ask, please contact me and if I agree I will add them to the list.

When you are ready to submit, it can be done here.

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Love Notes to Newton

A Film Coming February 27th, 2018

This is a film about a little green computer and the people who love it.

Newton was the first mass-produced touchscreen handheld computer made by Apple. It only lasted a few years on the market (1993 to 1998), but that wasn’t because it sucked! A large community of people still love Newton, and this film is an homage to the little device(s) by the people who still remember and even still use one.

We have just finished a crowdfunding campaign which raised almost $7000 USD among a little over 100 fans.

Top countries were USA at $3498, 50 contributions, Canada at $2716, 32 contributions, Germany at $248, and the UK then Hong Kong at $171 and $125 respectively.Japan, Mexico, India, Spain, France, Italy, Australia,

So what does this mean? It means we’re making a film! We are now beginning production with hopes to deliver the final film to backers in February, 2018.

More to come.

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